Here you will find out how to place an order, completion times, and warranty.

How to Order

CUSTOM ORDERS - You will go to the "shop" tab where you will find some of the products we offer, if what you are looking for is not listed, please contact us and we are happy to help ya place an order. The purchase price listed on each product is only the DEPOSIT. You can find price ESTIMATES in the Pricing tab, most every piece will vary in price with different sizes and customization's. It is recommended you contact us if you have question about quotes.

You will select the product you desire and add it to your cart and then pay the deposit. In the cart you can add a note. Here you will add a brief summary of what you are wanting for design or customization's.

Once the NON REFUNDABLE deposit is paid, your name goes on the order list in the order the deposit was received. When you pay the deposit you will provide us with contact information like a phone number or email. You are now on the order list! At this time please wait patiently for your turn. If you are curious about completion time, see below.

When it is close to starting your order, we will contact you via the information provided to discuss your design requests as well as the price of the item. After we talk and finalize customization's and price, an invoice will be sent to you and the remaining price of the order will be due before the order is started. Once the invoice is sent it is to be paid within 48 hours. If the balance is not paid in full by 48 hours, your order will be canceled and your deposit will not be refunded. It is not our responsibility to remind you to pay.

READY FOR PURCHASE INVENTORY (all completed inventory) - When we have inventory in stock it will be listed just like any other shopping website and can be purchased the same. Once the product is sold or sold out it will be listed as so or will be removed from the website. When you purchase one of these products it will be as described in the listing and the pictures provided. They are ready to ship so there is no wait time. These are all FINAL purchases and purchased as is. Exchanges can be made for incorrect sizing. 

Completion Time

Completion time depends on the order it is received. We take 10+ orders a week and already have an on going list so do not be surprised by the wait. It can be as little as weeks or as long as months. If you are curious about a wait time you can find the current ESTIMATED time of arrival for new orders on the top of the home page. We update this as each month fills up. If you are in need of a product for a certain date, unfortunately because we take orders first come first serve we will not bump other orders down the list to satisfy your date.

Refund / Warranty

Most all work we do is custom to each and every piece. When an order is made we do our very best to make the piece as close to the customers specifications AND expectations as possible. Once the piece is complete, there is no altering or changing it. We understand that things don't always turn out as expected or wanted but the only way a piece would meet a refund would be if it does not have any personal customizations such as a brand or name, it was our wrong doing, or could be resold to a new customer. It is our decision if the piece can be refunded.  

If an inventory item such as a pair of shoes is purchased, they can only be exchanged due to incorrect fit. All inventory items are a final purchase and returns are only at our discretion. 

RK Leather provides a one year warranty on damage due to fabrication defects under normal use of the product. This includes all products purchased from RK Leather. We have the right to inspect all items returned for warranty work to determine if it has been abused or miss used to cause the damage. If the product falls under warranty, it will be repaired or replaced at no cost. If the product does not meet warranty or falls outside of the one year, as long as the product was purchased from RK Leather it can be repaired for a reasonable rate.

If there are additional questions after reading, please contact us!